Issiworld News

  • Half Marathon was great, fun day for the SPD wedding party. Everyone completed the Bacchus half marathon (some much faster than others)
  • Click here to see photo.
  • Running/Walking
  • Thursday's at 7.30pm meeting at Send shops
  • Sunday's at 9.00am meeting at The Sunshine Clinic car park
  • Morning Run
  • Wednesdays from Sunshine Clinic car park at 5.45am

Running & Walking Club

ISSI'S RUNNING & WALKING CLUB to support and encourage runners of all abilities, whether fast or slow.


Four times a week I take out a team of enthusiastic runners of mixed abilities. This is FREE to all and happens on a Mondays at 7:15pm, Wednesdays at 5.45am, Thursdays at 7:30 and a Sunday morning at 09:00. I encourage the participants to train for a goal such as a half marathon or event such as the Hell Runner or The Grim Challenge.

I have started a walking group which meets at the same time as the running group on a Thursday and Sunday. Walkers and runners meet at 09:00 Sunshine Clinic, Send Road.


Susan Carmen Berry......
Turning 50 made me think I should try something new.  Having never run, even to catch a bus, I approached Izzi and asked her to train me.  Nine years later I am still with her, she has helped me through numerous races, including a half marathon and muddy cross-country courses - things which previously I would not have contemplated!  She is never less than totally encouraging, her enthusiasm and energy are infectious.  She keeps records and takes into account one's physical health and capacity, using her extensive training as a physical instructor.  She manages to combine being an instructor and being a friend admirably and it is always a pleasure to train with her.

Jo Lloyd......
I needed to get fit and pass a fitness test for work in order to secure a new position ┬áthat I wanted, This meant I would have to run a distance in a set time carrying kit which was about ┬╝ of my body weight, Before enlisting Isobel to help me I was unable to run 100 metres without stopping, I had been to do my fitness test and failed to even get around the course let alone do it in the required time. Isobel took me on and with the help of a local school playing field she started the up hill battle of getting me to run both with and without kit, I only had 4 months to train and during this time lost 5 kilo’s in weight even though I was eating everything, we trained together at least once a week and she set me targets on a weekly basis to achieve both by visiting the gym and running around the local streets. I did get better as the time went on and could run the distance but still not in the required time, But Issi never gave up with me even when I threw all my kit on the floor and really thought this was not achievable. When the day came for me to go and be tested I was still not confident I would achieve it, but I did with 18 seconds to spare.
My thanks will always go to Isobel because without her help I would not a have achieved the job I wanted and my fitness improved greatly, Whilst it is not at that level now I still train every week and am a lot fitter now then when I first started.
If you want to be motivated and pushed then I highly recommend Isobel to train you. (You may not like all she gets you to do though!). But you will succeed.